Vehicle Graphics

At the Design Store our staff have designed and fitted more than 1000 vehicles over the years, and love nothing more than vehicle livery and graphics. We love to turn ideas and vision into moving bill boards and advertising for our clients. Whether it be single colour or a full vehicle wrap, you can trust us to deliver on every scale.

Aftercare – Tips 

While The Design Store will give the best quality of work and materials, it is the customers’ responsibility to maintain the aftercare and appearance of their wrap/livery after handover.  

Keeping your vehicle clean and free from dirt will always help maintain the look of your wrap/livery like any painted surface.  

Please do not use any harsh chemicals with your cleaning process to help prevent any reaction to our materials.  

Allow 5 days after the installation of work before washing the vehicle for the first time. Strictly hand-wash the vehicle only. DO NOT USE pressure washers/automatic washers.  

Ensure you clean your vehicle from the top to bottom, allowing dirt and water to run downwards.  

Wipe spillages, diesel/petrol/bird droppings, etc., from the film as quickly as possible.  

Although some companies claim to have wrap waxes and polishes, we do not recommend any products 100%. If you intend to use any waxes/polishes, please try on your wrap/livery in a small inconspicuous area first.