Chapter 8 Chevron Kits

The Design Store supply and fit road legal Chapter 8 Chevron Kits. Here is a short description about Chevron kits to find out which one you need to be legal on UK roads and motorways.

Any vehicle working on the highway should be a conspicuous colour, either White or Yellow, although Silver is now commonly accepted. 

Rear Chevron markings of alternative retro-reflective red material and non-reflective but fluorescent yellow material, with the width of each strip being no less than 150mm. Each strip should be inclined at 45°-60° and pointing upwards. These chevron markings should cover as much of the rear of the vehicle as possible without obscuring windows, registration plates or vehicle lighting. 

If vehicles are carrying out maintenance on roads, then an additional sign is required reading ‘HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE’, if the work is strictly on motorways then ‘MOTORWAY MAINTENANCE’ is accepted. This text must be a minimum of 70mm high for temporary traffic management vehicles and 140mm for vehicles carrying personnel or equipment. 

A strip of yellow micro-prismatic grade reflective material, no smaller than 50mm wide must be fitted along the sides of the vehicle. 

Red retro-reflective tape must be applied to the rear facing edge of all opening doors, equipment lockers and guard rails, we call these small stickers ‘Lozenges’ and fit two to each appropriate edge.

Any questions regarding these kits please give us a call. Prices vary depending on vehicle and grade of kit.